Here Now


I am nowhere.

I am outside of time and space and the confines of this body.

I am nothing.

A gathering of stardust, particulate matter, DNA, molecules, water.


I am the breath.

Rising and falling.

Fast or slow.

Steady or ragged.

Deep or shallow.

I come and come again.


I am collective memory.


I carry the generations in my bones.

My father’s laziness.

My mother’s endless suffering.

His blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her hot temper and ceaseless affection.

My grandmother’s fears and extravagances.

My grandfather’s work ethic and risk taking.


I am not these ghosts.

I am the present.

I know nothing of the future.

I’ve lost all fondness for predictions and premonitions.


I am here.

I am now.

I am here now.

This is everything.


with thanks and love to Baba Ram Dass.



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